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VCS Players Presented Harvey

On Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd, the VCS Players presented Harvey. After a two-year hiatus of performances at VCS, students, faculty, and families were thrilled to experience live theater once again!

We all had the chance to meet the eccentric Elwood P. Dowd, who insisted on inviting his friend to all of his sister’s social gatherings. Elwood’s friend, however, was an imaginary six-foot-tall rabbit named Harvey. This comedy of errors full of twists and turns left us smiling as the characters learned the value of being true to one’s self.

A huge congratulations to the cast, crew, and directors for two incredible performances. An extra special thanks and congratulations to Tess Foley-Cox ’22, Finn Verdonk ’22, and Zoe Hecht ’22 for delivering a stellar final performance as a VCS Player.

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