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Located in South Burlington, Vermont, for grades 7 to 12. Vermont Commons School lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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A Day with the 6th Grade

“We’re walking around Boston, and we’re energized. The 6th graders bounce along sidewalks lined by tall buildings, their reflections captured in the glass. The sense of freedom and excitement for a slew of Vermonters meandering a city is palpable. Just past Faneuil Hall, giddy and chatting, an art installation appears in the grass. Stones (or was it metal?) cut into the shape of a maze. I don’t even notice it. I’m talking to Kamli, and our eyes are looking ahead. There are 11 6th graders in front and behind me, which I’m hyper-aware of because I have been counting heads the whole time. And then there aren’t. Eleven people have peeled off the sidewalk and are sprinting in what appears to be a circle. All 11 6th graders are running, blurred by motion, and it looks like chaos from where I stand. My eyes catch the outline of the maze in the grass, and I realize they are tracing the lines of it with their feet. I laugh out loud. And this, I think to myself, is the beauty of 6th graders: there was fun to be had in the world below me, and my eyes were ahead. I had missed the maze in the ground, and honestly, even if I had seen it, I’m not sure I would have thought to follow it. They, on the other hand, are not missing the wonder and joy of the world.  But am I?”

-Jory Hearst, 6th Grade Teacher

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The Commons Fund

The Commons Fund, like the “Commons” of old, is a shared resource.  It is a vital piece of creating the experience we seek for our students, be that engaging with the world in the classroom, on trails, in the city, or abroad. Consider giving to this fund confident that your gift will positively impact every member of the Vermont Commons School community.

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Encounter Weeks


Engaging Students with the World

Each fall, winter and spring, every student participates in an Encounter Week. During these weeks, students explore the wilderness and community in intensive field-based programs.