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College Preparatory School

Located in South Burlington, Vermont, for grades 7 to 12. Vermont Commons School lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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VCS Receives Edward E. Ford Foundation Grant for Refugee Students

Vermont Commons School is the recipient of a $50,000 grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation!  This grant, and $50,000 in matching gifts, will underwrite a program to create access for three (intitially) Refugee students to attend Vermont Commons School for the four years of high school and then go on to college. “Many Refugee students are recruited to local colleges on athletic scholarships,” says Head of School Dexter Mahaffey, Ph.D. “Often, however, they are not prepared for the rigors of college academics and end up dropping out.  College preparation is what we do here at Vermont Commons School.  We joke that our sport of choice, so to speak, is Varsity Academics.”   Read more…



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Commons Fund 2017-18

The Commons Fund, like the “Commons” of old, is a shared resource.  It is a vital piece of creating the experience we seek for our students, be that engaging with the world in the classroom, on trails, in the city, or abroad. Consider giving to this fund confident that your gift will positively impact every member of the Vermont Commons School community.

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Encounter Weeks


Engaging Students with the World

Each fall, winter and spring, every student participates in an Encounter Week. During these weeks, students explore the wilderness and community in intensive field-based programs.