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Our Community

09112015-VCS-JuliaLuckettPhotography-73At Vermont Commons School we gather every morning to share stories and remind ourselves why community is valued. Students learn with faculty, and faculty learn with students. Parents, board members, and alumni are also engaged and valued as important members of our community.


Students gather at Vermont Commons School each day amidst a community of friends. Teachers and students are actively involved in meaningful ways, supporting one another both in and outside of the classroom. See our featured Students


Vermont Commons School parents see their children grow intellectually, develop self-confidence, experience their world directly, and become part of a vibrant and caring community. From orientation through graduation, we invite you to bring your own wisdom, leadership, expectations, and energy to this community. See our featured Parents


Vermont Commons School challenges students daily with interdisciplinary curriculum taught by dedicated faculty who empower students to feel a sense of place and how it relates to the larger environment. The small class size offers personalized attention and allows for meaningful relationships between teachers and students. See our Faculty


At Vermont Commons School, the administration supports and empowers teachers to fully engage students in their learning using 21st century teaching methodologies. Innovation is encouraged and educational philosophies that work are shared in regular meetings and online forums. Best practices for enhanced collaboration and professionalism are continually sought out in order to sustain a culture of community and excellence for students, teachers, parents, and alumni. See our Administration

Board of Trustees

The Vermont Commons School Board currently has nine Trustees. Each member serves three-year terms and chairs or sits on at least one of the six Standing Committees and/or the numerous Ad Hoc and Sub Committees. Trustees work on advancing the mission and the vision of the school through focus on the integrity of the organization, financial and policy issues, due diligence, and the growth of the school. See our Board of Trustees


Our graduates are our pride and joy. We were proud of you as students and now honor you as adults and alums of Vermont Commons School. As we further develop our Alumni Association, we look to bring you back to Vermont Commons and to bring Vermont Commons back to you.

Scholarship. Community. Global Responsibility.

At Vermont Commons School, our goal is to engage students with their world. We achieve this through programs and a curriculum grounded in local and global involvement.