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Students gather at Vermont Commons School each day amidst a community of friends. Teachers and students are actively involved in meaningful ways, supporting one another both in and outside of the classroom. Our students appreciate the lasting friendships they make with their classmates and their teachers. Teacher-student relationships and peer support are integral to the Vermont Commons experience.


Class of 2023

The best thing about Vermont Commons School is the community. If you were to ask other students at VCS, it’s likely they would say the same thing. You will hear it from lots of people. Teachers are less like teachers and more like friends. You get to know people in other grades and you may consider them just as close of friends as those in your own grade, or even closer. People are so supportive and kind. We really are a wonderful community that works together for what we think is right. Learn more...


Class of 2022

I think the best thing about Vermont Commons is how hands-on everything is. We don’t just learn the material, we go out and do it. Almost every day we get out of the classroom. Instead of reports and presentations, we make art, or skits to explain concepts. My favorite subject is Language Arts. I like this class because I love to write and read. Is there more to be said? Learn more...


Class of 2020

The environment here is really open, and my teachers are available to talk at any time. How many schools do you go to where you get to call your teachers by their first names? The teachers are open to listening to us and the classes are really great too. Learn more...


Class of 2020

My favorite subject this year was Social Studies with Heather Moore. We learned all about the universe, from the Big Bang, to the future. It was great because throughout the year we covered so much and there was something for everybody. I personally loved learning about humans and collective learning. We all do a ton of fun hands-on projects which are great to improve your understanding of the material. Learn more...

Scholarship. Community. Global Responsibility.

Students emerge from their time at Vermont Commons School intrinsically motivated to seek out their role for improving the world, with the skills and competencies to do so.