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Our basketball season begins in November and extends into late February. Our student athletes practice two to three times per week in the gym on campus (new 2022).

Our focus is on teamwork, commitment, athleticism and more teamwork. We play a 7-10 game schedule with interspersed informal scrimmages. Our ballplayers are in grades 6-12 and competitive teams are split into High School and Middle School squads. All team members share playing time at each game and scrimmage and are expected to play to the best of their ability.

All of our teams emphasize sportsmanship, commitment, excellence and inclusion. We do not have “cuts,” but team members will be asked to maintain their commitment to the team and uphold the ideals of sportsmanship and fair play. Our team sports typically practice 5-10 hours per week outside of regular school hours.

For inquiries regarding our basketball program, please contact coach Kris Mohlman.

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