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SPIRAL Summer Exchange Program

SPIRAL INTERNATIONAL, based in Vermont, is hosting its second annual Summer English and Cultural Camp with 30 students from Southern China. The students will be here from July 11th- July 23rd.

We are currently seeking host families and student ambassadors who would be interested in participating in this program.

The benefits of being a host family for Chinese students visiting the U.S. are numerous. Vermont is a very unique and special place. Through hosting Chinese  students you are given the opportunity to share the culture of Vermont while also learning Chinese culture from them.

If you have children in your family, hosting a student provides them with the opportunity to develop a lifelong experience and friendship with international children. The  benefits of cross-cultural communication at a young age are endless. As our world becomes more connected these experiences will assist your child throughout their lives in college or at work.

To share expenses you will receive an appreciation check of $200 per Chinese student. If you host two students, you will receive $400. Two Chinese students per family are recommended. Both students can share the same room.

In addition, your entire family will be invited to the “get acquainted” welcome event and the closing entertainment.

If your 7th-12th grade child participates in the AMBASSADOR program, they will be included free of charge in every aspect of the program: helping out in the classroom in the mornings as well as going on field trip excursions in the afternoons. Based on an “each one teach one” philosophy, Ambassadors will help the Chinese students learn their language and culture while simultaneously  learning Chinese and culture from them. Some of the excursions will include: a day hike to the top of Mt. Philo, a visit to the State House, a stop at Vermont’s #1 tourist attraction, Ben & Jerry’s, a tour of local farming communities, a blog workshop to stay in touch, and the opportunity to cook a Chinese meal.

In the past, our host families were not limited to the families who have school  children. Host families with no children or young children are most welcome. The most important qualification to be a host family is having a kind heart and interest in others.

We believe host families have much to offer Chinese students and that Chinese students, in turn, have much to offer you. If you are willing to open your home and your heart, we are sure you will find this experience worthwhile. Open hearts and open homes help to create open minds and lifelong friendships.

For more information on hosting Chinese students OR on becoming a student Ambassador (7th-12th graders), please contact:

Eric Kauppila                 Mary K. Dennison

(802) 989-3564              (802) 233-1476

Kauppila.e@gmail.com marykdennison@gmail.com

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