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Caring for Trees with Branch out Burlington

The “Greening Up Our Cities with Trees” Research and Service class has been busy caring for trees in the local Branch Out Burlington! (also known as BOB!) tree nursery. At least once a week, we walk right behind the school, through the UVM Horticultural Farm, to the Burlington Community Tree Nursery. We are preparing trees to plant next spring by weeding, mulching, and placing tree guards around the bases of trees. As well as caring for trees, we are doing good deeds for the environment and community, while interacting with classmates. We have also been working on mapping out the nursery, compiling information about the trees, and helping Branch Out Burlington! improve their website.

posted by students, Eli Hinds, Amber Quinlan, Greg Levine and Lutes Bartlett

Scholarship. Community. Global Responsibility.

Students emerge from their time at Vermont Commons School intrinsically motivated to seek out their role for improving the world, with the skills and competencies to do so.