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Research & Service Class Featured on WPTZ News

Research & Service Class Featured on WPTZ News

Students in the Environmental Engineering Research & Service class have been conducting a survey to assess potential sources of contamination to the Bartlett Brook watershed, which is a natural and recreational resource for the City of South Burlington, and the drinking water source for 70,000 people. WPTZ Channel 5 recently spent an afternoon in the […]

Students in the Trees

The Tree Research & Service class has been busy helping the trees around the Burlington area. This month, we started by meeting with Kit Anderson, a professor at UVM. She taught us about relationships between trees and humans, such as the Live Oak society in Louisiana, made up completely of live oak trees. Then, we […]

Students Work With Immigrant Children at the Sustainability Academy

In this Research & Service class, we have been working with immigrant children at the Sustainability Academy (SA) as well as with adults from the Association of Africans Living in Vermont (AALV). We have been having discussions about where this population comes from, how they might have ended up here and why. We also began […]

Students Work With VT Department of Environmental Conservation

This semester, a hearty band of seventh, ninth, and eleventh – graders are working in our local watershed to better understand some recent changes and how we might be able to address some of those changes. We started the semester with a workshop led by Jim Pease of the VT Department of Environmental Conservation. Jim […]

Volleyball in the Community

This past week, a group of 14 students and Peter Goff went to several different locations to teach people to play volleyball. Each day, we headed down to Middlebury to work with the kids of Bridge School. At Bridge School, we taught a group of about 10 kids, ranging from 5 year-olds to 12 year-olds, […]

The Wealth of Communities

The Senior Social Studies class, Ecological Economics, takes a close look at what local folks are doing to increase community vitality, raise levels of health and happiness, and decrease our carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. This has been an inspiring and eye-opening semester in Social Studies 12: Ecological Economics. Using Deep Economy by […]

Turtle Tracks Newsletter 11-29-11

Dear VCS Community, Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! In this week’s Turtle Tracks 11.29.11 you will find the three VCS Presidential Candidate’s essays, details about the upcoming Math Club competition, and important events. Thank you, Liz  

History Lesson at Shelburne Museum

“Wait! This house was built 200 years ago?!,” a seventh grade student asked as we climbed the steps to the front door of Dutton House at Shelburne Museum about a month ago. Inside the dark and somewhat musty house, students contemplated what it might have been like to bake bread every morning, and to keep […]

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At Vermont Commons School, our goal is to engage students with their world. We achieve this through programs and a curriculum grounded in local and global involvement.