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Middle School Volleyball March Madness

Contributed by Zangmu L.S. ’24

This year’s March Madness has 26 middle schoolers (around 52% of all VCS middle schoolers)! We have head coach Sophie R.S. ’23, with co-coaches Toby H. ’24, Winslow S. ’25, and Evie R. ‘26 leading the way. Other high school players have also been helping out here and there. Since this is the first school year of with our new gym, we have had many home games where students, faculty, and peers come to support VCS!

What to know more about middle school volleyball at VCS?

The middle school volleyball season, also known as the ‘March Madness’, is a way for new/younger players to engage in sportsmanship and develop essential skills while having fun with peers in the month of March. Any middle schooler is able to join the team with no cuts, as we believe in inclusion and a chance for all players to play. Players also have the opportunity to come to a practice or two to see if they really are committed and want to play. Student leadership is essential here in VCS, so we have high school coaches for the team. As the players are learning from their own upperclassmen, we value the bond that arises between schoolmates. Although the high school coaches are in charge of most everything we also have the high school volleyball coach (Peter Goff) at every practice and game. Our hope is that the players come back to play in the official season in the fall, and maybe find a passion in volleyball.

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