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Vermont Poetry Out Loud Championship 2022


March 14th, Amelia Foster ’25 participated at the Poetry Out Loud state competition at the Barre Opera House. Weeks earlier she competed in a class competition by reciting a poem from memory. Developing her public speaking skills, she was judged in six categories: Physical Presence, Voice and Articulation, Dramatic Appropriateness, Evidence of Understanding, and Overall Performance. Once she won the class competition, she worked on memorizing a second poem for an all-school competition. She performed both poems in front of the entire VCS community. Judged by faculty, she won the title “school champion.” Finally in the Opera House, Amelia recited her poems with more drama, more humor, and more energy than she had ever performed before. She practiced her work many times before the performance. After the performance, she said, “I really enjoyed it. I learned so much about performing by watching” the other champions in the Opera House.

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