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2017 Senior Internships

As a capstone to the community-based education of our Research & Service Program, seniors engage during their fall semester in internships with local businesses, organizations, and professionals working in a broad array of fields, allowing each of our students to pursue one of his or her passions in a deep, meaningful, and challenging way over a semester-long period of time. Read about this year’s senior class’s endeavors below.


As someone who loves to write and read creative writing, interning at Green Mountain Review, a literary journal here in Vermont was perfect for me. At GMR I look at pieces of writing that have been submitted, write my own comments, and then refer my thoughts to our head editor. So many poems and short stories are submitted every day that I end up reading them constantly, which I have found informs my own writing and passion for the craft.


My internship is at the law firm Langrock Sperry and Wool in Burlington, specifically working for Sarah Tischler on estate and trust law. So far, I have worked on a tax problem related to Vermont’s current use forestry deduction, and researched a legal timekeeping software program. My work will be predominantly assisting Ms. Tischer and possibly attending client meetings, though I may shadow another attorney at trial. I chose this internship because of my intent to study politics in college and then go to law school.


At my internship at the West Meadow Bakery I’m working in a completely GF environment. I will learn how to make muffin batter, and other types of pastries. So far I’ve learned how to patt out pizza dough, which is much harder than it looks, how everything is packaged, and I’m beginning to understand their different recipies. So far I’ve scooped over 125 muffins, and there is only more to come. My brother has celiac and I’m excited to be able to make him food I know will taste great


My internship is working with a Doula. I am passionate about helping people, which is why I’ll be pursuing a health career, and why I chose to work with expecting mothers and their families. I wanted to take this opportunity to do something that works intimately and individually with people in a way that challenges my communication and adaptability skills. During my internship, I am shadowing a doula and working with her clients and will attend any births that occur. I will continue working towards my own doula certification even after internship ends.


Graham has been interning at Dreamlike Pictures, a local marketing agency focused on creating television, films, 3D animation, and digital signage. His two primary responsibilities have been 1) developing a new filing system for the Wall Street Journal and 2) observing the owner’s interactions with clients. For the future, Graham plans to adopt a similar filing system with his own work which will expedite his film editing. He will also use client meetings’ observations to fine tune his own client relationship skills.


I am doing my internship at the Milton vet. My mentor is Nancy Frantz, the senior surgeon at the hospital. My internship consists of observing surgery, attending diagnostic appointments, and providing postoperative care to very cute animals. The medical world has always been interesting to me, for a variety of reasons. Veterinary care certainly isn’t the same hyper-specialized discipline as human medicine, and that gives me an incredible opportunity to actually understand the science behind the operations I observe.


My internship is at the Ed Weed Fish Hatchery run by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. I will spend my time there learning about the process of rearing fish for release, including water chemistry, feeding techniques, methods of tracking and so much more. Two weeks ago, I was clipping the fins of young fish. It’s a way for the hatchery to record the age of the fish returning to spawn. A focus of marine biology (my passion) is conservation and population management. Through this experience, I get to immerse myself in areas of science I am interested in.


My internship is at Halford Motors in Georgia,VT. The company is a small automotive shop which offers all types of services and maintenance. There I am shadowing 3 different mechanics learning not only how to fix every part of a car, but also run a business. These are both the majors that I would like to pursue in college and that is why this opportunity is extremely beneficial.



My internship is shadowing at Winooski Family Health. I observe the doctors and nurses as they interact with their patients and make decisions about how to help them. I also get to watch them in the lab as they work with medication and bloodwork. If I have any questions about any of the processes they go through to treat patients, they’re more than helpful in answering them. I’m planning to study to become a nurse in college, so being part of the action in a clinic is fun and informative!


My internship is with Logic Supply in South Burlington. At my internship I work with the production team to assemble to processors and computers built by the company. I chose to pursue this internship because I want to go into engineering, and this is a perfect way to start to get the feel for how future employment in the field might be like.



My 2017 internship is at Crow’s Path in Burlington Vermont.  My mentor/advisor, Sophie Mazowita, is the youth program director at Crow’s Path and is almost always out in the field with the youth programs.  The overall goal of the organization is to connect kids to the outdoors; the program draws many similarities to classic summer camps.  During the early fall to early winter time of year kids in elementary school meet at the base camp, and make fires and hangout for the morning.  In the afternoon, they go into adventure groups called “guilds,” and explore and do activities in the surrounding area.  I assume that I would assist the mentors in being responsible for the kids as they interact with their guilds.  The tasks I intend to perform would probably be contributing to accomplishing the guild, and provide new ideas and insights.  I hope to gain more leadership skills, as well as expand my knowledge on general environmental science related topics that Crow’s Path seems to cover in their programs.


I have been interning at Orchard Veterinary Hospital for the past couple weeks and have learned so much. I have always been interested in animals and have always dreamed of working them. Because of that, I am always enjoying the work that I do and am never bored. A usual day will consist of me arriving at the hospital and cleaning the tools from previous surgeries. I also refill all the supplies that are needed such as alcohol pads or syringes. Once Doctor Eustis arrives I follow him into appointments and help do blood and urine work to test for problems with either. If I’m lucky the last hour or so will consist of me sitting in on a surgery performed by Dr. Eustis. I look forward to each day interning there and have already learned so much.


I am interning at the Davis Studio in South Burlington. For my internship I will be helping out an art class of first to third graders every Wednesday. I will also be learning about education, art, and how to start and run a business. I am interested in graphic design and I thought interning at the Davis Studio would be a good blend of art and business that would help further my experience in that field of work.


My internship is with the Parks and Recreation department of Burlington. I am going to work with Gary Rogers who helps organize recreational events. I am going to be his assistant, putting up flyers, helping people out, organizing events, and much more that correlates with recreation. This fits my interests by allowing me to interact with several people, be creative, and put smiles on people. This internship in a long run will help my social skills and communication rather than what I want to do as a grownup.

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