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Vermont Commons School parents see their children grow intellectually, develop self-confidence, experience their world directly, and become part of a vibrant and caring community. From orientation through graduation, we invite you to bring your own wisdom, leadership, expectations, and energy to this community. We promise to be your partner in providing your child with a safe place to experience the complexities and rewards of daily teenage living, and opportunities to make positive contributions to our ever-changing world. We also have a Parents Association that further strengthens the partnership between parents and the school.

Helene Arnold

Parent of a 9th grader and a senior

What makes VCS is the remarkable teachers. Their willingness to engage with the students, to challenge and support them, exemplifies critical thinking abilities. We also appreciate the attention paid to student dynamics and the effort invested to ensure a healthy, respectful community.

Natalie Harder

Parent of an 8th grader and a senior

At Vermont Commons School, the kids are woven together, regardless of age – they help each other, learn from each other, and frankly just befriend each other. The school is a bit like a tapestry, and with any missing thread, it would just be another piece of cloth hanging on the wall, but put it all together, the students, the teachers and the Vermont Commons philosophy and you have a masterpiece.

I chose to send my kids to Vermont Commons because I knew they would get a good education at a place that shared my goals as a parent – to teach them about the world around them and to help them become world citizens. That’s why I chose Vermont Commons, but it’s not why I love Vermont Commons.

I love Vermont Commons because my children do. They are excited every morning to go to school and see what the day brings. The teachers are absolutely amazing. Their enthusiasm for their subjects and for the children they teach is contagious. I can’t even put into words how thrilled I am with the education my children are getting. The Encounter Weeks that bring all grades and abilities together are beyond any experience I could have imagined for my kids. I love all the new experiences my kids are having, even down to the green/gray competitions that are straight out of Hogwarts!

Rob and Andrew

Parents Association (PACS)

Parents Association at a School Event

The overarching goal of PACS is to facilitate communication between parents and the School while providing opportunities for parents to connect with one another, broaden their understanding of the School, and make positive contributions through their volunteer efforts. Through programs, special events and volunteer efforts, the Parents’ Association supports the mission of the School and works to foster the sense of community on which VCS thrives.