Grades 6-12
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AdaandclassmatesStudents, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff often report that the best thing about Vermont Commons School is the sense of community at the school. Because it is important to so many people, the school works hard to encourage a safe, supportive, respectful environment where everyone can be themselves and contribute. Below are some examples of what keeps the community spirit going at Vermont Commons School.

Morning Meeting

Every day there is a school-wide meeting where information is shared, instruments are played, songs are sung, and friendly competitions are played out.

All School Lunch

There is one lunch period where students, faculty, and staff sit down for a meal together. Parents frequently cook lunches in the kitchen and sell them to pay for class trips.

Advisory Groups

Students are connected with a faculty member who becomes their personal advisor throughout their career at Vermont Commons School. Additionally, students are put into multi-age advisory groups. Each grade also has two class advisors, one that stays with them from the 7th through 12th grades and one that is dedicated to a particular grade. These relationships provide constant guidance, support, and mentoring.