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College Preparatory School

Located in South Burlington, Vermont, for grades 7 to 12. Vermont Commons School lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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6th Grade!

Accepting applications NOW!

Starting in late August 2015, Vermont Commons School will welcome 6th graders for the first time. Hands-on, experiential education, small class sizes, collaborative and strong personal relationships with teachers, provides an exciting, creative and innovative atmosphere for 6th grade students, and these are the hallmarks of every Vermont Commons education.

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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund helps support programs we all care about like Encounter Weeks, the World Languages Program, and the Financial Aid Program.

Encounter Weeks


Engaging Students with the World

Each fall, winter and spring, every student participates in an Encounter Week. During these weeks, students explore the wilderness and community in intensive field-based programs.