Grades 6-12
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Mission & Guiding Principles

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Mission Statement

Scholarship. Community. Global Responsibility.

Guiding Principles

  • Scholarship is engagement with an academically rigorous curriculum fostering independent thinking and intellectual curiosity.
  • Through direct interaction and application of skills and knowledge, the world is our classroom, lab, and studio.
  • Our community values respect for self and others, honesty and integrity, and diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Global responsibility emerges from the understanding that our choices and actions impact our communities and require a commitment to service.
  • Environmental stewardship arises through experience and informed appreciation of the interdependence between oneself and the natural world.
  • Health and wellness results from an intentional balance of one’s academics, activities, emotional needs, and social interactions.
  • Leadership is cultivated through dedicated training and continuous opportunities.
  • Collaboration between students and faculty forms the fabric of the Vermont Commons experience.