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Summer Reading

Over the summer, students are provided with a reading list. Students are asked to choose two books to read and are required to read a “common text” that will be discussed in the fall at Common Text Day. Take a look at the 2016 High School Summer Reading List, and our 2016 Middle School Summer Reading List.

In addition, take a look at our 2016 Summer Reading Letter & Assignments.

“Good writers start as avid readers by recognizing how good stories are told. As parents, we have reviewed many reading lists, and VCS has one of the best! Reading the classics and other notable books is the basis for writing author imitations and original work that is integral to the classroom dynamic with peer reviews and class discussions. Reading and writing are not taken for granted at VCS.” – Margo Bartsch, Adjunct Professor, Champlain College, Founder of College Essay Coach, and parent of a VCS student.

“What a wonderful school Vermont Commons School is. I wish every school in the country could have a staff, administration, and student body as engaged and friendly as yours.  The students are the most brilliant I’ve ever met. What a pleasure to visit. Thanks!” – Howard Frank Mosher, author of A Stranger in the Kingdom and 2011 Common Text Day speaker.