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Vermont Commons School parents see their children grow intellectually, develop self-confidence, experience their world directly, and become part of a vibrant and caring community. From orientation through graduation, we invite you to bring your own wisdom, leadership, expectations, and energy to this community. We promise to be your partner in providing your child with a safe place to experience the complexities and rewards of daily teenage living, and opportunities to make positive contributions to our ever-changing world. We also have a Parents Association that further strengthens the partnership between parents and the school.

Helene Arnold

Parent of a 10th grader and an alumna (left)

What makes VCS is the remarkable teachers. Their willingness to engage with the students, to challenge and support them, exemplifies critical thinking abilities. We also appreciate the attention paid to student dynamics and the effort invested to ensure a healthy, respectful community.

Andrew Furtsch

Parent of an 11th Grader (right)

Our family feels so fortunate to be a part of Vermont Commons School. It is the perfect fit for our son and we could not have found a more engaging learning environment and supportive community.

Every student quickly becomes part of this small community where learning is cool.  Older students interact with, encourage and set a stunning example for younger ones and together they participate and support one another in a program that is both academically rigorous and really caring.

The faculty and staff are genuinely passionate about the school, their subject matter and most importantly, our children.  At VCS there are no cracks to fall through and nowhere to hide.

The encounter weeks are an incredibly valuable component of the curriculum and something you won’t find elsewhere. E-weeks continually provide my son with tremendous opportunities to challenge himself and explore the world.

It’s truly remarkable to watch young VCS students grow and mature into responsible, intelligent, and compassionate young adults in such a wonderful community.