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Steve Lausier

SteveAppointed 2013

Communications & Technical Director
Spring Play Director

Graduate Degree

M.A. English Literature, University of Vermont

Undergraduate Degree

B.A. English Literature with a minor concentration in Legal Studies, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Honors and Awards

  • Master’s Thesis: The Responsible “Howl:” An Affective Reading with Consequences

Activities in College

  • UMass Lowell Ski Club
  • Innkeepers’ Collective

Best VCS Moment

Lassoing six canoes together and “tarp-sailing” down Long Lake in the Adirondacks.

Inspirational Quote

I’ve studied now, Philosophy
Jurisprudence, and Medicine,
And even, alas, Theology,
From end to end, with labour keen
And here, poor fool! with all my lore
I stand no wiser than before.

– opening lines, Goethe’s Faust

Interests and Hobbies

Skiing, writing, biking, reading, gaming, worldcrafting, and simply walking into Mordor

Brief Biography

I’ve lived in eastern Massachusetts for most of my life, and came to Vermont five years ago to attend graduate school. Though I’ll always be a Boston kid at heart, I’m overjoyed to call the Green Mountain state home. I’ve made a tremendous amount of lifelong friends during my short time here, and am still astonished to have found such an incredible community as Vermont Commons. I’m a lover of narratives of all kinds, and in my free time I can usually be found lost in another world – either in a book, a game, or my own creative work. My current projects include a cyberpunk/fantasy epic series, a coming-of-age play, a vampire horror/comedy novel, a classic western, and various tabletop gaming campaigns.

I live in Shelburne with my incredible partner, Melissa.